In 2005, I got a call from my farmer brother, asking me if I could sell some firewood from his farm. With a U-Haul trailer, I’d bring two to three face cords back to Toronto. I quickly realized that to run a Firewood business in the city, I needed space.

Now years later, Firewood Solutions and Live Edge Lumber occupies about an acre at Unwin Ave near Cherry Beach. We are quickly outgrowing our location at 252 Unwin Ave in the Toronto Portlands. To serve you better we are developing a second new location in Cottage Country at 2596 Harrigan Drive in Brechin, Ontario, just south of Orillia. Owner-operated with our crew, we retail hundreds of face cords to homeowners, bars, film crews and restaurants. A number of restaurants use our wood year-round to cook pizzas and meat.

We added a Saw Mill and Log Loader to the operation in 2013/2014. This enables us to produce Live Edge Lumber Slabs and Timber for furniture or building projects from salvaged and reclaimed trees in the city. Our product is local and comes from a renewable resource - trees. It is carbon-neutral, meaning it creates no more CO2 when it burns as it uses in it’s lifetime. The reclaimed Lumber/Timber is “Carbon-locked” so it is more advantageous. Some of our expanding client base includes Bain & Company, Upper Canada College, Film Crews and Toronto Regional Conservation Authority and many other residential customers just to name a few.

The Live Edge Furniture is custom-made and we work very closely with clients to make sure these pieces meet their specifications. This Furniture come from trees that are too beautiful to convert into any other product. They can be Live edge or straight edge and are kiln dried. There are a variety of bases. Each piece is done with care.

We have a large inventory of rough, kiln dried slabs for your DIY project or custom build. Our inventory of salvaged kiln dried Lumber include Ash, Chinese Elm, American Elm, Sugar Maple, Manitoba Maple, Beech, White Oak etc. These trees are naturally felled in the urban forest.

Firewood Solutions and Live Edge Lumber wont forget our roots. What started as a Firewood business has evolved into a full custom service tree operation using the logs we obtain for their best purpose. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and cost of our products and delivery, let me know. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

So when you call Firewood Solutions and Live Edge Lumber you are talking to Glenn and not to some call centre in a far-away place. You are speaking with someone who lives and spends their money in the city I love, Toronto.